Dec 24, 2012

CHICKEN SATAY (Manchurian Style)

              While I was on a trip to India we went to this awesome restaurant in Chennai called SEA SHELLS. We had a mouth watering dish called chicken satay. It was mind blowing. I was trying to recreate this dish and googled for a while. But all i could find was chicken satay in malay or thai style. So i just created this dish on my own. It was not like the one we had in the restaurant but it was close.
 It tasted really good. 

Ginger Garlic paste
Red chilli powder
Lemon Juice
For Sauce:
Ginger Garlic (crushed)
Red chilli powder
Soy sauce
Tomato chilli saucereen chilli sauce
Corn flour

  1. Soak some wooden skewers in water 
  2. Add all the ingredients in the marinade section to the chicken and marinate for atleast 1 hr
  3. Before skewering the chicken pieces sprinkle some corn flour on the marinated chicken and skewer the pieces
  4. Grill the chicken in either charcoal grill or electric grill(i used electric grill)

Making the sauce:
  1. Add some oil in a pan
  2. Add the chopped ginger and garlic and saute well
  3. Add the onions and capsicum and add salt, ajeenomotto and chilli powder
  4. Add all the sauces and vinegar and add water and mix well
  5. Mix some corn flour in water and pour to the mixture to thicken the sauce
  6. Adding color is optional
Make the sauce first and then grill the chicken. After grilling brush some sauce over the chicken both the sides. While serving keep some extra sauce on the side.

Note: Cut the chicken into strips rather than cutting it into cubes. It looks good on the skewer


  1. Super, looks delicious :) Sure will try this one and send you the picture with feedback..

  2. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!Good try...I cant rate this until I ate....hee..

  3. looking good and nice...prepare and give me wen u come here


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