Mar 12, 2010



For stuffing:

Onion - (finely chopped)
Chicken (minced)
Green chillies(finely chopped)
Ginger garlic paste
Garam masala

Pour some oil and add the green chillies and add the chicken and saute well with some salt until it becomes a little dry and all the water is dried
Remove the chicken and add some more oil and add the onions and ginger garlic paste and cook well with some salt and turmeric powder . Adding chilli powder is optional . Add the chicken to the onion mixture and mix well and switch off the flame

For the layers:
Make regular dough with maida, salt and water. Roll it out according to the shape of the pan and put it on a hot tawa and turn it once and take it out
Make sufficient amount of rotis and keep it aside


Beat 5-6 eggs with a little salt and pepper
Butter the pan well and turn on the oven to 350 deg
Take roti and dip it in the beaten eggs and keep it on the pan. Then put some chicken mixture and again dip a roti in the egg and keep it. Do this process step by step until the pan is full
Pour the remaining egg over it and sprinkle some poppey seeds and some cashews on top and cover it with and keep it in the oven
Stick a tooth pick to see it is cooked
Cut it into pieces and serve

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